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Stay food safe this Holiday Season

Canadians traditionally enjoy gathering with family and friends for parties, pot lucks, and family gatherings over the holidays and these gatherings regularly generate leftovers. Health Canada would like to remind all Canadians of some basic steps they can take to ensure that leftovers are eaten safely to help reduce the risk of foodborne illness during […]
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High blood pressure treated by nerve zap

Some people who couldn’t get their blood pressure under control through medication have found relief from an experimental treatment that shows promise as a permanent fix for the condition. The treatment uses radio waves to zap nerves near the kidneys that fuel high blood pressure. The radio waves damage certain nerves and cause key arteries […]
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A warning about buying prescription drugs online

Health Canada is informing Canadians about the potential dangers of buying prescription drugs online from the following websites:, and Health Canada has identified prescription drugs for sale on these websites that have not been authorized for sale in Canada. These products contain references to brand names and resemble drugs that have been […]
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Harness the power of herbs to make your own male supplements.

I began experimenting with herbals to create a male energy supplement to take in addition to my daily vitamin when I began weight training again. The goal was to create a supplement that had no side effects and yet would be beneficial to male hormone levels while giving me an increased energy level for workouts. […]
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